Our Staff

Meet our Staff

Our Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs Lisa Hayes

Deputy Headteacher- Inclusion and vulnerable groups/Pastoral Lead: Miss Marie Michaelides 

Deputy Headteacher- Assessment and Curriculum : Mrs Sophie Driver 

Inclusion Leader: Mrs Debbie Nisbet

School Business Manager: Mrs Lynne Maylin

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs Chloe Mason

Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs Charlotte McShane

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader: Mr Andrew Haig

Upper Key stage 2 Leader: Miss Frances Clarke

Our Early Years Foundation Stage Team


Mrs Chloe Mason: Reception Teacher and Nursery and Reception (EYFS) Leader 

Miss Paula Doris: Reception Teacher

Mr Oliver Tilbury: Reception Teacher

Mrs Sarah Williams: Reception Teacher

Mrs Sharon Musk - Nursery Teacher 

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Nicola Davidson

Miss Paula Doris

Mrs Sarah Monaghan

Mrs Claire Winch

Mrs Trudie Price

Our Year 1 Team


Mrs Gillian Osborne - Benjamin Class 

Miss Melanie Ford - Rashford Class 

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Julie Sandell

Mrs Liz Smith

Our Year 2 Team


Mrs Charlotte McShane - Peake class (Key Stage 1  Lead) 

Miss Sophie Plummer - Holmes Class

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Lynsey Pledge( Mon & Tues), 

Mrs Harwinder Bhatti

Mrs Sarah Jarman (Weds Thurs and Friday am

Our Year 3 Team


Mrs Sophie Driver - Attenborough Class 

Mr Andrew Haig - Kahlo Class (Lower Key Stage 2 Lead)

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Viv White

Mrs Kris Cooper

Our Year 4 Team


Mr Rodney Polydore - Hawking Class  

Ms Sandra Herrick - Lovelace Class 

Learning Support Assistants

Helen Marchant Hawes 

Mrs Ruth Mason

Our Year 5 Team


Miss Michaelides- Turing Class  

Mrs Elaine Holman - Thunberg Class 

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Rebecca Fairhurst

Mrs Tunay Burns 

Our Year 6 Team


Mr Tom Bennett - Mandela Class 

Miss Frances Clarke - Pankhurst Class  (Upper Key Stage 2 Lead)

Miss Jess Rayner (Autumn term only)

Learning Support Assistants 

Mrs Carol Nash

Mrs Jo Varley (HLTA)

Our Inclusion Team

Mrs Debbie Nisbet INCo

Mrs Monika Donoghue - Pastoral Lead practitioner 

Mrs Sue Harris- Pastoral team

Mrs Angela Harvey- 1:1 support

Miss Elizabeth Haggett - 1:1 support

Mrs Claire Winch- 1:1 support

Mrs Shagufta Kanwal- 1:1 support

Miss Jane Green -1:1 support

Our Administration Team

School Business  Manager

Mrs Lynne Maylin

Administration Assistants

Miss Clair Brookes 

Miss Jessica Hayes

Our Apprentice Team

Mr Alex Cope- PE

Mr Andrei Istode- IT technician

Our Midday Supervisory Team

Mrs S. Begum, Mrs S. Begum , Mrs S. Khatun, Mrs T. Pollard, Mrs S. Kanwal, Mrs R. Weston, Mrs T. Price,  Mrs C. Winch (1:1 support)

Our Maintenance Team

Caretaker:-  Mr Walter Di Bernardo

Cleaners:-  Atlas