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Highover Home-School Agreement

Highover Home-School Agreement Sept '18

Leading Parent Partnership Award 

Verification Report

“The very strong leadership of this school has enabled parent partnership to flourish.”  

“All staff shared enthusiasm for the strengthening of parent partnership with the result that parent partnership is now fully integrated across the school.” 

“Working towards the achievement of the LPPA has enabled the school to celebrate its work in parent partnership and to consider where improvements could be necessary.”

“This has led to improved levels of communication between the school and the home resulting in improved attitudes to pupil learning.”

“The systems that have been put in place to collect and analyse feedback from parents have enabled Highover to examine the impact that the LPPA has had on this school.”

“Groups of governors, pupils, staff and parents were all keen to share their views with the verifier about the successes that have resulted from the numerous new initiatives that have been introduced to strengthen parent partnership.”

“Today this school enjoys a very positive and vibrant relationship with its parents, including those who had previously been reluctant to engage with the school."

“The school systematically collects parents’ views on many aspects of school life.  The school listens to parents by acting upon the findings. As well as sharing the findings with all parents, these views are also shared with the staff.”